2017 TREND FORECASTING (women's wear)

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Womens wear has been and still is a big part of my life.Even though i never actually wear it ,it impacts my taste and it just doesn't hurt for a guy to be inspired from a girl, ITS 2017!

With the new year coming in ,the fashion community is buzzing about upcoming trends in fashion this year.So based on my point of view,research and perspective these are my top 5 Fashion trends of 2017!


 French cuffs have been a staple in every dapper mans closet ,but with the rise in popularity of street wear and a more relaxed sence of style .The French classic has been reinvented into a must have item for every street style addict.

It can be worn under,or over any thing from a dress to a sweatshirt. Its a French classic with a modern twist!

                                                                                      STATEMENT SOCKS

 Socks have always been confined into plain colors and people usually try to hide them instead of showcasing them as a fashion item . So 2017 has already been a great year for socks because designers like GIVENCHY , VETEMENTS and CHANEL have started to throw some bold socks down the runway for all to see. People saw , and people sure did like it.


PJ's are no longer confined to your bedroom!
The nightwear trend has bean buzzing this season , with every street style slide containing at least one nightwear turned street wear look .

With celebrities like Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Irina shayk rocking the chic silk pajama trend theres no surprise that its gonna catch on to street style.


Platforms haven't been "in style" for decades, BUT there making a comeback thanks to designers like GUCCI and STELLA McCARTNY , who reinvented the classic disco platform shoe into statement pieces to lust for.

Y'all should know that I'm someone who would literally cut a bitch for a pair of gucci platforms if it came to it.


The so called "LOGOMANIA" trend has been going for years now , and its showing no signs of slowing down . With brands like Louis Vuitton, SUPREME,Champion,VETEMENTS and many more contributing to its success.

Brand collaborations aren't a new thing to the Fashion industry.
But staying to the theme of logo mania I'm gonna put the spotlight on the recent menswear collaboration between louis vuitton and supreme . The collection contained many of the classic louis vuitton items (and some new ones) in a new supreme X louis vuitton logo print.
which is a very smart, subtle way of collaborating two totally different designers into one.


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