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1.Macbook air : Its kinda necessary for a blogger to have a laptop, especially when I'm on the go i like to right any of my ideas down on my notes app on my laptop cause i never use the one on my phone.And i never stay a minute off my laptop unless theres no WI-FI , i always have something to watch or something to do on it . Case in point ... my life REVOLVES  around it.

2.Selfie stick : Despite its name  i only use the selfie stick when i wanna take high angle photos.High angle snaps always look better in landscape mode . So ya i use the selfie stick to take high angle landscape photos!

3. Apple EarPods : Do i need to explain why i use ear pods?

4.Macbook air charger : Aint nobody got time for an empty battery!

5. H&M Backpack : This is not my favourite backpack when it comes to design,  but its my daily bag because i never have to think about how to style it. I can wear anything with it and it would go!
Black backpacks are my go to essential in a wardrobe especially MINI backpacks but i only use them when I'm going on short trips or when I'm styling them with something.( Blog post on backpacks coming  soon!)

6. Book : Im the type of person who can't move an inch without a book in my hands (AKA: a book nerd). Lately I've been obsessed with shane dawsons new book it gets worse!

7. A cap : you literally don't understand my OBSESSION  with caps .A minimal cap can be the perfect accessory to a comfy outfit. I try to find anyway to incorporate a cap into my daily outfits no matter what it takes!

8. Wallet: also an item that is self explanatory, but i wanted to point out that i hate having my wallet in my pocket unless its a chain wallet and it counts as an accessory.

9. Sunglasses : Although I'm not much of a sunglass wearer  i found the perfect minimal statement shades from Dior that elevate any outfit to the next level.

10. Glasses : Despite what people who wear glasses in general say , i actually really like the way glasses look with any outfit. But try to find the most minimal shape u can get minimal glasses are more of an elegant accessory to me, especially when I'm wearing something casual.

11.Fountain pen : Regular pens don't feel as sleek and light as a fountain pen. It just feels better to sketch with a fountain pen . Its lighter, clearer and lasts a lifetime.

12.Sketch book : Many of you don't know this but I'm a fashion designer , so i always like to have my sketch book on hand to capture any inspiration or ideas that pops into my head. You never know when your gonna have a great idea so always keep a sketch book or notebook on hand whenever you go out!

13. Iphone 6s plus : After breathing,eating and sleeping theres another category in my cycle ... the internet and my phone,My phone is literally my life hub . Most of you can probably relate to this but  living without my phone is like not eating.

14. Iphone charger : Having no iPhone charger means not being able to use my phone which in turn effects my entire day. So iPhone charger = life support.

All items linked in their names!

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