2017 TREND FORECASTING (men's wear)

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              Trends change faster than you can say "Cash me owside how bow dah."So we gotta keep up!
   every fashion week/season designers come up with brilliant ways to hook us < TRENDS.
But new trends don't mean a new wardrobe! You can go out every season and invest in one key component in you wardrobe.From there you can start building up your closet space.
A very common question that i get ALL the time is "kindi how the heck do you keep up with these trends" my answer is quit simple! Just get creative, you don't have to throw out your old stuff, just keep everything that was ever trendy ,because trends always come back. What goes around comes around!
Just 2 years ago i threw out my only pair of overalls because i thought they were 2 "old" but as your about to see, i regretted that real bad.


 The Puffer jacket has been really popular lately with designers like RAF SIMON,BALENCIAGA and VETEMENTS pushing it to its creative limits.Especially with the freezing weather that were in right now, puffer jackets aren't only fashion forward but also very efficient!


Metallics have been big in high fashion lately with gucci,versace and many other designers sending glimmering looks down the runway, and you don't see me complaining!
Transforming a traditional bomber jacket into a METALLIC bomber jacket gives it that futuristic edge. Just try not to go into C3PO mode and go all out space robot on us!

 You can literally  wear anything with a metallic jacket because it technically "goes with " nothing. But that doesn't mean it won't "look good" with anything.


As of lately, i have been noticing a rising amount of guys during fashion week rocking some form of overall ,weather it be shorts, cropped or any other variety of overall .I personally really like vintage overalls , cause they have that extra kick that makes ur outfit a little rustic and aged.Which is great because they practically ARE your entire outfit(most of it/center piece),so they need something to take them to the next level^. 


Oh the oversized sleeve , an effortless comfort that has been in style for years now.
thanks to vetements and there signature long sleeves the fashion world has been buzzing , with designers like kanye west,off-white and MANY more following in vetements footsteps all of these designers have been big contributors in the new comfort meets luxury era that we have entered.And i find its about time that the fashion world started to recognize the human need for comfort , while still looking good!


     Caps were never really looked at as statement pieces or fashion items until now.A couple years back you would go into any designer store and see many caps for sale, So you might be wondering, how are they "trendy" now? Well... caps have never been put on a runway before 2015 ,except for some rare exceptions. They have always been targeted as just a CAP nothing special there. But now that designers have put some effort into styling and incorporating caps into there collections people have been looking at them as more than just your good old uncle randy cap ,but as a fashion essential!

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