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Some people prefer to not wear accessories , or not over do them (ME.) But that doesn't
mean that we don't like to add a little shazam to our outfits with "different" accessories like patches,pins,phone cases and hats.

The three accessories that i cant leave my house with out no matter what I'm wearing (doesn't apply to the hats) are my glasses,watch, and a good ol, cap if my outfit calls for it. As  you guys probably know from one of my previous posts i do consider glasses one of my favorite accessories despite what people think of them.


These tumblr inspired pins from MANGO give any plain shirt a cooler feel.
While very small in size they do have a certain cuteness to them that can add just a liiiittle hint of color to a pastel or toned down colored plane sweater or shirt.


I think people don't realize this but your phone is your best accessory!
Its always on you in many ways and it won't harm you to splurge on it as much as you would splurge on a  new pair of shades.So try to invest in a good quality designer phone case that can compliment your outfit while you get compliments too!!


These iron on appliqués have been popping up everywhere lately.They are easy to use
cheap and they make any outfit look more expensive and put together!!

Check back in tomorrow for my next post!

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