A major trend at the moment revolves around street style.Now many people don’t really understand or “get” what street style really means.Some people think that it has some rules or boundaries or somethings that makes IT what IT is.And that is true in some sense, but not in the sense that makes couture what it is .Street style does not have extreme or direct rules  like couture does.All that you have to keep in mind is that you should never keep your ideas in the box.When i say that i don’t mean you should go full on avant-garde , but more of a wearable type of situation.Unlike normal fashion brands, street style brands don’t always play by the rules of the game.Cult classic ,VETEMENTS has been known for there 77 collaborations in one year,and they’ve also been known for sending “different” models than the fashion world deams worthy(old, pregnant,handicapped,transgender)down the runway.

          Brands like VETEMENTS and BALENCIAGA have been at the top of there game as of late.Esspecially with the appointment of Demna Gvasali as the iconic houses creative direction.Demna has been known for his out there and on the edge ways ,his sense of street style really took off after leaving Louis Vuitton to take over the role that alexander wang was playing in Balenciaga.The love of teens and young adults for street brands stems from them being really rebellious and different ,teens are usually more interested on making a statement then they are of being “in” because when it comes to street style or fashion, no one is “in” because there are no expectation.Wear what your comfortable with ,and never dare to give a damn about what “ most people” think ,because if those people  don't like it , there not forced to look at it.You are not 
obliged to follow someones ideals or standards other than your own.


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